Other People's Money - Lafayette Art & Wine Festival

Other People's Money


Lafayette Art & Wine Festival - Premium Wine Stage


Saturday, September 17, 2022

4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Springhill, Stanley and Acalanes dads and businessmen by day, rock and roll musicians by moonlight.

The band has a play list of about 50 covers, highly danceable rock and roll from their own teen years -the Eagles, Rolling Stones, ZZ Top – and a sampling of more recent material.

Lamorinda’s ultimate Dad’s Band!

Beginning back in the late 90’s and figuring out how to fit music into the busy schedules of six guys who were busy with jobs and helping raise families, they carved out enough time to practice some of the great rock songs of all time.

Covering the Stones, Eagles, R.E.M and yes event the Ramones, this local band has been helping raise money for our local schools and non-profits for many years.

I think these guys may soon be eligible for the granddad’s garage band category.

Jay Lifson

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