Midnight Flyer - Lafayette Art & Wine Festival

Midnight Flyer

Eagles Tribute Band

Lafayette Art & Wine Festival - Fiesta Stage

Sunday, September 22, 2024


Audiences and critics alike love the Midnight Flyer band’s energy and spot-on recreation of The Eagles’ music. This Bay Area group is considered one of the premier Eagles tribute acts, packing theaters and selling out shows along the West Coast and beyond. With a repertoire of more than 100 songs, Midnight Flyer shines in concert with arrangements and vocal harmonies, delivered with the authenticity and vitality that recall the earliest Eagles performances.


Midnight Flyer at the Lafayette Art & Wine Festival Photo by BlueGoo Craig Isaacs 2023

Midnight Flyer at the Lafayette Art & Wine Festival Photo by BlueGoo Craig Isaacs 2023

Midnight Flyer

Midnight Flyer is not a traditional tribute band. Every member of the band is a veteran musician who loves re-creating The Eagles’ music exactly as we all remember it. Their performances are unique among the many theatrical tributes that exist today, focusing on delivering energetic, note-for-note vocal and instrumental performances of the Eagles’ music. Midnight Flyer will also occasionally surprise audiences with songs by other favorite groups from the Eagles’ era, such as The Doobie Brothers, Poco, Crosby, Stills and Nash and others.

Midnight Flyer Members:

Matt Owens Lead Vocals and Guitar 

Keith Roberson Lead Vocals, Guitar and Banjo 

Marcus Cole Vocals,Lead Guitar and Piano 

Adam Schuman Vocals and Lead Guitar 

John Schuman Vocals and Drums 

AJ Leighton Bass Guitar 

Kevin Kroner Keyboards 


Here’s a little more in-depth look at the core of the band:
Matt Owens, leader of Midnight Flyer, lends his uncanny vocals that have earned him critical acclaim as one of the best interpreters of Don Henley around. He captures not only the sound, but the nuances and emotion rarely achieved by others. A musician since he was 15, Owens’ ability to move people through song has led him to great success not only in the Eagles arena, but with other favorite artists as well.

Co-Leader and Singer-Songwriter Keith Roberson sets the musical direction for the band and channels the voice and emotional depth of Glenn Frey, matching perfectly with Matt Owens’ re-creation of Henley. Roberson is a master of several stringed and percussion instruments as well, notable for his work with electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin and ukulele.

Marcus Cole further adds to the re-creation of the Eagles’ sound, with a voice that many feel evokes the sound of Randy Meisner. Marcus is also known for his multiinstrumental abilities including Bass, Acoustic Guitar and Pedal Steel, his searing Guitar solos, as well as being an accomplished Pianist.

Experience Midnight Flyer and hear the concert The Eagles never gave!



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