Vendor Booth Recommendations - Lafayette Art & Wine Festival

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Beer & Wine Booth Hosts

Beer/Wine/Ticket Booths: ABC Training

All shift leaders must attend the in-person ABC Training hosted by The Lafayette Chamber and the Lafayette Police Department despite having attended in year's past. The ABC training is updated yearly to accommodate new laws and festival operations. Your organization must also guarantee 3 people in the booth at all times. Details of the ABC training will be sent via e-mail; you will be asked to schedule your attendance on Sign-up Genius. The in-person ABC training is mandatory, and a trained representative is required to be in the booth at all times during Festival hours (Sat. 10-7 and Sun. 10-6). 


Beer & Wine Booths: RBS Training

*Effective July 1st, 2022, the state requires RBS training per Assembly Bill 1221 and Assembly Bill 82. Meaning, that on-premises alcoholic beverage servers and their managers must successfully complete an ABC-approved RBS training program and exam.  

The Chamber will provide 2 training codes for your organization’s representatives. Details of how to complete this process will be sent via email. Having more than one person with a CA Server ID in your booth not only supports your team working your booth but also supports and protects our one liquor license that covers our entire festival! *It only takes one violation to shut our entire festival down. The absolute goal is to have trained individuals who know the policies of the ABC license so they can run a lawful and safe booth!

Lafayette Art and Wine Festival: 3 Strikes Policy

The Lafayette Chamber is fully responsible for the alcoholic beverage concession and conduct at the Lafayette Art and Wine Festival. The ABC license is filed jointly with the City of Lafayette and the Lafayette Chamber. Everyone operates under the same license. One violation can shut down the entire festival.

The ABC office can suspend or revoke our license for any of the violations listed below. Half the proceeds of this event come from selling glasses and drink tickets. We count on everyone working together and using good common sense.

NEW THIS YEAR: For a secure and compliant festival experience, we are implementing a strict 3-strikes policy. If a Beer or Wine Booth host and their volunteers engage in any misconduct that could endanger the Art & Wine Festival's ABC license, they will face immediate closure without refunds and will be barred from participation in future festivals.

  • Persons must be 21+ to pour alcohol.
  • No serving into glasses other than the official Art & Wine branded glasses sold at the ticket booths.
  • NO Free Drinks for anyone, including volunteers & hosts.
  • No freebies including refills and topping off. NOTE: It is ILLEGAL in CA to give away alcohol.
  • No one may consume alcohol while in the booth on duty or off.
  • No one may pour drinks intoxicated.
  • No minors in your tent.  Everyone must be at least 21 years of age.  No babysitting or excessive people in the tent at any one time. Including your own children and other people’s children. 
  • Beer is poured into BEER GLASS. Wine is poured into WINE GLASS only. No wine in beer glasses or vice versa.
  • The wine and beer poured is the property of the Lafayette Chamber.  Your sponsorship paid for the privilege of hosting the booth ONLY. 
  • Booth Hosts and volunteers do not get to take any wine/beer home.  (Even partial bottles.)


Options for Beer & Wine Booths

Beer and Wine Booths are tented on 3 sides; 10ft x 10ft

Dress up your booth! (See images below.)

  • Best banners for a beer or a wine booth are the wide ones that attach to corner and can be easily seen down an aisle.
  • Table clothes or banners work well in the front of your booth to attract attention. 
  • For the front of the tent - upper border, banners can be 10 feet wide BUT only 6 inches in height. The banner cannot interfere with people interacting with you in your booth. 
  • As a backdrop to your tent, your banner can be 10 feet wide and as long as you like - even to the ground. 
  • Your information, merchandise, give-aways, interactive toys, etc., can be on your table as long as there is space for wine and beer pouring!
  • Please bring supplies to attach your banners ... zip ties and/or string. Look professional! 
  • Load in/setup instructions will be posted here ASAP.
  • Wear your logo-wear and be ready to interact with potential customers.
  • Have fun with it! 


Vendor Supplies and Merchandise

Fellow Lafayette Chamber members are eager to assist you with setting up your booth. Please refer to the Lafayette Chamber members below for tents, tables, chairs as well as merchandise like logo-wear and give-aways. Please ... no balloons or plastic items. Think useful and re-useable! 

Promotional Materials
Minuteman Press Lafayette

Pinnacle Apparel & Promotions

Sparks Promotional Products/NeedleWorks Embroidery


Booth Setup and Supplies
Gagnon's Party Rentals - Booth Rental Equipment and accessories

Chairs for Affairs Party Rentals & Event Planning


Regarding Recycling

Please read our blog article, Regarding Recycling at the Lafayette Art & Wine Festival, for important information about eliminating plastics and single-use items.

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Refer to this page, Connect with the Lafayette Festival, for how to connect with us on Social Media! 


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