Banjos By The San Francisco Bay - Lafayette Art & Wine Festival

Banjos By The San Francisco Bay

Four-String Banjo Ensemble


Lafayette Art & Wine Festival - Across from Chow at the foot of the Local Artists Alley


Both Days, Saturday, September 17, 2016 & Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mid Day Performances


Banjos By The San Francisco Bay is a four-string banjo ensemble formed in 2013 by friends with a common interest to extend the range of music played by the American Jazz Banjo.  Our eclectic and expanding repertoire of music spans from the Jazz Age in the early 1900s to contemporary favorites appealing to all ages. The occasional addition of percussion instruments, a ukulele, and vocals add variety to our performances. We believe that the banjo is a fun and entertaining instrument that is not limited to any particular musical style.   It is a ‘happy’ instrument that we really enjoy playing and we hope that our music makes you happy too!

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