Aja Vu - Lafayette Art & Wine Festival

Aja Vu / Stealin Chicago

Tributes to Steely Dan and Chicago


Lafayette Art & Wine Festival – Bank of the West Stage

 Saturday, September 21, 2019

2:30 pm to 4:30 pm





The San Francisco based Aja Vu / Stealin’ Chicago band performs the music of Steely Dan and Chicago.

At festival they recreate the combination of rock, jazzy blues and unique storytelling that has made the Steely Dan sound endure throughout pop culture for 30+ years.

They will also be recreating the music recorded by Terry Kath, Robert Lamm and Peter Cetera and their different vocal styles. The unique sound incorporates a strong use of melodic horn lines — the sound of Chicago.

Aja Vu Website 

Stealin' Chicago Website

Nothing more confusing than a schizophrenic band! They used to be grounded in their pure love and execution of Steely Dan originals. They played many more concerts than Steely Dan, primarily a studio band.

But what does one do when they have conquered the mountain? Climb another one of course. A couple of years ago, right on our Lafayette Art & Wine stage, these guys did their first set as a “Chicago” cover band.

The original dream of the founding members of Chicago was to integrate all the musical diversity from their home city and weave a new sound, a rock and roll band with horns. The hometown kids made good and now the same guys that keep the Steely Dan sound alive are recreating the full feel of a Chicago concert.

I do remember my first CTA album and that great summer evening I spent as a teenager under the stars at the Hollywood Bowl, hearing Chicago with my date, and wondering why she even agreed to going out with me/ She must have been a Chicago fan too.

Jay Lifson

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